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About Bora

Bora Varsay is a music producer, audio engineer, mixer, composer, arranger, and guitarist based in Los Angeles, California. His aim is to communicate his vision through music and to be able to take part in every step of creating it.

Born in Izmir, Turkey in 1992, he started his musical journey by taking classical guitar lessons at age 7. At age 13, he got his first electric guitar and quickly got mesmerized by its immense sonic possibilities. After performing in various local venues with his band in his hometown, he realized that he wanted to be able to write, record, and produce his music. His interest in various genres like rock, pop, electronic music, hip hop, blues, and r&b has pushed him towards music production. As a result, he decided to pursue a bachelor's degree in Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music in 2013. During his years in Berklee, he participated in many projects and furthered his knowledge and musicianship, which would grant him an achievement based scholarship. In 2017, he graduated as a magna cum laude student and moved to Los Angeles to continue his works. During his first year in Los Angeles, he worked at 17 Hertz recording studio as an audio engineer while also taking part in various independent projects.


In 2018, Varsay got accepted to the California State University, Los Angeles, where he obtained his master's degree in composition & arranging. During his time in California State University, he was awarded with the Friends of Music Charles Hubbard Scholarship, and Special Recognition in Graduate Studies. During his last semester, he also taught the undergraduate course "Intro to Music Technology" at California State University, Los Angeles.

In 2020, Bora Varsay co-wrote, engineered, produced, mixed and mastered his pop band IF's first single "Thinking of You." Consisting of Yo Hwan Yoon on vocals, Larson Ghormley on keys and lyrics, and Bora Varsay on guitars and production, IF is a pop band which aims to merge soulful, sensible vibes with a fresh modern sound.

With years of experience in various genres and his ability to take part in every part of the music creation process, he aims to share his musical skills while creating a unique sonic universe through his influences. Bora Varsay continues his works from Los Angeles in 2022.

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